Design Project

Alyson and Doug

Project Description

In August 2009, Alyson and her family returned from dinner to find their home burned to the ground. Alyson and Doug describe it as “one of life’s most stressful events.” Overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, they called Bob and Paula that very night. “Having been friends for years, we always loved the work we had seen from both of them, and knew Bob would be a great help,” they recall.

“Bob and Paula were amazing,” Alyson says. “They dealt with the city, the insurance company, an architect, and with our family to build our dream home.” Bob started by asking for their wish list and he incorporated everything they wanted: a walk-in pantry, an extra bedroom and bath, an upstairs laundry, and an expanded kitchen and living area (while still maintaining an open and roomy design).

Bob and Paula kept breaking the work down into simple projects that the overwhelmed family could handle. Once they had floor plans, Paula worked with the family on everything from baseboards, lighting, wall textures and décor, to helping their teen daughters choose colors, furniture and bedding for their rooms.

Alyson says, “Paula’s eye for design is spot on. There were often pieces of furniture or artwork I would walk past in the store. She would spot the same item and explain how she envisioned it. Paula has a wonderful ability to visualize the big picture, both form and function. And one of the things that impressed me the most was how she saved us so much time, energy and money.”

Since then many of Doug and Alyson’s neighbors have seen their home and enlisted the services of Bob and Paula for their remodel or decorating needs. Alyson is so happy with her home and the work Bob and Paula did that she carries their business card in her wallet.

Recently Alyson and Doug called upon Paula to help with the décor of their side courtyard. How does Alyson feel about it? “As expected, it’s gorgeous!” she states.