OtherGround Forums APPRECIATE ME – Mail Purchase Bride Documentary on Netflix Dudes going on times along side translators because their times do not talk English; convinced the females and translators are speaking shit concerning the dudes. This shit is similar to a train-wreck; i recently can not look away. Poop Doodle – we viewed week that is last. It had been depressing, but entertaining. I do not like to give any spoilers away. This. felt actually harmful to 2 for the guys. Plainly the main one fat guy got scammed, stated he went in to a deep despair after one date and a rejection, after which made it happen once again. He had been means obese, bald, embarrassing, and a gamer that is geeky the chicks he had been taking a look at on line had been like 9’s. It really is like think about it guy, what makes you imagine a chick like this owuld be interested. exact Same with that old man that married the chick with 2 young ones. That chick was hot and plainly had no fascination with him. […]